Welcome to Blossom Place

Eating Disorder/Sober Living Recovery House



 Here at Blossom Place we are working to reduce shame and stigma in the community surrounding eating disorders. We provide support for anyone struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and/or body image.

Blossom Place is here to provide support in the early stages of recovery and teach the tools much needed for independent healthy living. With hands on support, weekly clinical family support groups, and weekly EDA groups we have created a safe place where no one is alone and recovery is possible. 

the story behind blossom place


Struggling for a long time in the world of an eating disorder, I experienced being alone and afraid with no safe place to go.

I walked into recovery in Oct, 2011. I was able to abstain from drugs and alcohol however did not have any support for the eating disorder.

In less than a year I was admitted into hospital. The disorder had taken on a whole new power and strength that had my body shutting down.

I was told by the Doctor that I had to stop or I would die. The road of recovery, to health and well being was long and difficult.  Blossom Place has been created to provide the necessary love and support for women transitioning after treatment,  that would have made a profound difference for me on my journey. 

-Deanna Sullivan



My foundation is both professional and personal. Professionally I have over 25 years experience as a Registered Nurse with Advanced Studies in Mental Health. I have worked in two different treatment centers for eating disorders on Galiano and Vancouver Island including a 12 step based drug and alcohol treatment center. 

Personally, I recovered many years ago from an eating disorder. Transitioning back into my life was challenging after being in a treatment center due to the lack of available resources to support this transition.

As a result of these experiences, my focus is to empower women and their families to be powerful and fully expressed, thereby creating freedom and peace of mind from the dis-empowering world of an "eating disorder". 

-Beverly  McCabe